The Sustainability Diet


id you know that there used to be camels native to North America? Yes, you read that correctly. Camels. Camelops hesternus, to be exact. That is, until we hunted them to extinction some 13,000 years ago. In fact, the mere existence of humans has caused such ecological stress that we have been responsible for the demise of half of the large mammals in the continents which we inhabited. Causing extinction is an old pastime for our species, and it’s been a huge blow to precious biodiversity, genetic pools, and ecological function ever since. The truth is, our species continues this trend of environmental decline and extinction in the footsteps of our ancestors like we always have— with our diets.

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from our Children”

Things are acceleratingly getting worse. Current agricultural models exploit natural resources exacerbating the extinction crisis, farmer crisis, food crisis, water crisis, health crisis, economic crisis, biodiversity crisis, and pollution crisis—all of which ultimately culminates into one big human crisis. Our food systems aren’t sustainable. A freight train is coming our way, and it’s loaded with genetically modified corn, soy, wheat, and factory farmed bacon.

There are some serious consequences associated with our diets and their hand in losses of biodiversity. We are discovering that a loss in biodiversity equates to global food instability, scarcity, and possible climate change. We are about to fall off the biodiversity cliff into oblivion. But want to know what’s awesome about being a human being? Friggin’ everything. In the age of information, technology, and radiocarbon dating; we may be able to avert the crisis of falling off the biodiversity cliff completely by simply getting educated about our food, changing our diets, and shifting some paradigms…Or will we end up as lemmings guided by the media and government to our ultimate demise?

I have faith that you can Save the World.  I am what you call an Apocaloptimist. I know everything is going to shit, but I know we will be alright. Humans are resilient, and I have faith that we can Save the World. In the Sustainability Diet, I am going to tell you how I think we can do it.

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Karen Pendergrass is an ENTP who is an enthusiast in a myriad of areas including Agricultural Sustainability, Food Politics, Applications of Bacteriotherapy, Autoimmunity, Color Theory, Hard Determinism, and Social Engineering. She is the founder of the non-profit Paleo Foundation, Paleo Movement Magazine, International Paleo Movement Group (IPMG) , and author of The Sustainability Diet.

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